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Since our first world championship gold medal in 1974, Sykes boats and designs have been the choice of many of today’s Australian Rowing Teams. 

Sykes has committed to a path of innovation for the future. Investing heavily in new machinery and new engineering staff for our R & D team, we are continually producing brand new designs, and new testing and construction methods. Utilising the latest technology and materials, as well as rigorous on and off-water testing, we never compromise on quality. We set the standard.

Single Scull

Sykes single sculls are known for design innovation and product quality. Targeting performance and responsiveness, we have been perfecting our single scull range since 1966. Sykes are set to release two new single sculls, bringing our single scull fleet to five different moulds.

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Initiator Single Scull

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Accelerator Single Scull

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Pairs & Doubles

Rowing as a double or pair is the ultimate test of the bond between two athletes. Having developed our range of pairs and doubles with some of the greatest to ever row, Sykes boats are built for speed and also to enable maximum co-ordination between rowers.

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Fours & Quads

Fours and Quads provide a feeling of easy speed like no other when they are humming along between strokes. Sykes hulls aim to maximise the run between strokes with the least wetted area in contact with the water.

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Coxed Fours & Quads

Coxed Fours and Quads demand strength and power to motor down the course. Sykes boats are widely used in Australia with schools and clubs alike. Overseas they have been successful with Junior World Champions.

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Eights racing is like no other. With such power and speed, a stiff and stable shape, Sykes eights boats have been successful at all levels of racing from schools to international level. 

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Second Hand Boats

Second Hand Boats Available Direct from Sykes

For any enquiries, please contact our sales team.

Serial Number Boat Type Mould Year Price Available
5659 VIS HC1XWING M139 JAN 2013 $7,700
5970 HC1XWING M139 FEB 2014 $7,500 now
6666 Heavyweight Men's Double/Pair M223 2016 $15,950 now (pick up ACT)

Do you have a Sykes boat you wish to sell and advertise on this page?

If so, please email us at with the information below to have your boat listed for sale.

Public Notices

Boat Type
Mould Year Contact Name Contact Number State Price
Sykes Single Scull, M30, 100kg, Boat no. 5123 Mould 30 Andrew Randell ACT $5,500
Sykes Single Scull, M30, 100kg, Boat no. 5122. Mould 30 Andrew Randell ACT $5,500
Sykes Wing Rigger Single Scull. Includes 2 skinny oars and boat cover. Mould 26 2006 Ryan Hubbard 0401 574 031 VIC $6,000
Sykes Stainless Steel Double Scull Riggers. Located in Greensborough, VIC Peter Bishop 0429 578 311 VIC FREE
Sykes M40 Eight (Pulteney Grammar School). Mould 40 2009 Richard Sexton 0408 677 862 SA $18,000 (ono)
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