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5 Minutes with Alex Hagan

5 Minutes with Alex Hagan image

Alex Hagan is a two time National Schoolgirl single sculling champion, an U23 World Champion and an Olympian. She has had some of her best results in Sykes boats. This is what she had to say:

How many years have you been rowing? 

I have been rowing for 13 years now, starting when I was in year 7.

Where is home for you, and what club and state do you row for?

Bunbury in Western Australia is home but when not based in the eastern states I am based in Perth and am a member of Swan River Rowing Club and a passionate Western Australian no matter where I am living.

What are you favourite rowing venues in Australia and overseas?

Rowing on the Nepean River in Penrith is pretty special and to name one of many beautiful places overseas, I would have to say Lac Aiguebelette in France is the all time favourite so far.

If you weren’t rowing what would you be doing?

12 years deep into rowing, hard to say what I would be doing but safe to say I would have more than $100 in my bank account. 

Who is your role model and why?

Not one particular person but if you asked if I wanted to meet one person my first thought is Serena Williams. She is a boss!

What things do you not like?

Rowing chat 24/7 and grubs.

If you could change one thing about rowing, what would it be?

A tail breeze every day in both directions, thanks.

What might someone be surprised to know about you?

To see the Northern lights is the top of my bucket list!

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