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Media release: Brand new look for Sykes Rowing

Media release: Brand new look for Sykes Rowing image

30 August 2021

Media release: Brand new look for Sykes Rowing

Sykes Rowing, Australia’s leading rowing boat manufacturer, has today unveiled their new, contemporary rebrand, which is being launched in today ahead of the 2021–2022 Rowing calendar.

Proud of their Australian heritage and building on their previous logo and identity, the new Sykes Rowing logo retains a similar but stronger typeface, and fast-moving kangaroo graphic with stylised legs and tail representing water and waves. Sykes has also made a bold change to their brand colours, using Australia’s national colours – green and gold. They are also launching a new tagline: ‘We build boats. Start to finish. Beginners to champions.’

Managing Director, Mark Nothnagel explains, ‘We are deeply proud of our company, and our fifty-five-year Australian rowing heritage, which has been the driver of our refreshed logo and new colours. The essence of Sykes is building quality boats. We design, innovate and build our boats here in Australia from start to finish. We also have plans to make Sykes a more global company through our recent expansion in the USA and soon in Europe too. We build boats for everyone and every need – whether rowers are new to the sport, or world champions, we have a boat for them.’

The rebrand ensures the company and its Australian heritage is more recognisable globally and focuses on their extensive range of boats for all forms of rowing, and for clubs, colleges, schools and elite athletes alike.

While their branding has changed, Sykes Rowing will continue to provide the same reliable service and support to their valued customers and share their years of experience and expertise.

Sykes has been producing high-performance rowing boats for 55 years. In 1966 Jeff Sykes established the company after building his first racing scull that helped him win the Australian Interstate Sculling Championships – the Presidents Cup. Within two years a Sykes boat was competing at the Mexico Olympics and within eight years they achieved their first rowing gold medal boat (also Australia’s first!) at the 1974 World Championships. Now having four Olympic Gold Medals and over 30 other medals at Olympics and World Championships is testament to the design excellence and quality manufacturing begun by Jeff Sykes that continues at their factory in Geelong, Victoria. 

For more information about Sykes Rowing, visit our social media channels – Facebook and Instagram.






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