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Sustainable rigger wrapping

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At Sykes we now offer more sustainable rigger wrapping options. It is part of our commitment and determination to lead rowing to a more sustainable future.

Our sustainable rigger wrapping

A few months ago we announced our first initiative – replacing single-use plastic wrap for boats in transit. They will now be transported in inexpensive, reusable travel covers. We are very pleased to announce we will also be eliminating the use of single-use plastic on our riggers. Going forward we will offer two wrapping options, neither of which will incur an additional cost:

  1. a simple cardboard external cover
  2. a reusable woven cloth tube (our preference!).

Reusable woven cloth tube

We invite and encourage our customers to use the woven tube in the first instance. This tube is made in Australia of similar material to the boat travel covers. The reusable woven cloth tube rigger wrap will protect the riggers nicely in transit and can be washed and reused when storing and/or transporting the riggers. If that proves too difficult they also double very nicely as washing and drying cloths for cleaning boats after a session on the water!

Find out more

Contact one of our sales team to find out more about our sustainable rigger wrapping:

  • George: 0413 077 041,
  • Alex: 0421 811 880,
  • Angus: 0432 381 708,

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