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N.K CoxBox GPS System


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Introducing the new NK CoxBox GPS System.

This unit combines the most popular features of the SpeedCoach GPS and integrates those capabilities directly into the new CoxBox architecture. 

The features of the CoxBox GPS include:

  • Speed (GPS)

  • Memory

  • Cumulative Splits

  • Distance per Stroke

  • Instantaneous split speed

  • LiNK Logbook™ streaming compatibility

  • Integration with soon-to-be available SMART modules, such as seat displays, impeller pod, integrated boat lights, and rapid charging

  • Easy to Read Display - A single-piece faceplate and large, easy to read display provide a more rugged and waterproof design.

  • Waterproof Interface - Buttons are precisely located and sealed from the elements, reducing the potential for water to enter the unit. The lower profile design takes up less volume.

  • Longer Battery Life - New cylindrical battery design provides 10+ hours of battery life with a more reliable, sustained charge.

  • Wireless Stroke Rate - No more dealing with sensors or magnets.

  • Monoblock™ - Monoblock™ connector port relocates microphone, speaker/charging and data ports away from the face of the unit, creating better readability and simplified serviceability.

  • Stablesocket™ - Stablesocket™ design prevents rotation and bending of plug inserts, which protects pins and sockets from damage. 



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