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N.K Interval Stopwatch 2000

N.K Interval Stopwatch 2000


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An essential tool for every rowing coach and official, the Interval 2000 packs lots of features in this compact package. Rate measurement, chronograph, and clock are just the beginning. The Interval also offers a 2000 split/rate multi-segment memory, on-the-fly recall and computer upload capability.

-Push one button, get rate. You can keep it that easy.

-Want more? Store up to 2000 split times taken over multiple pieces, days or weeks.

-Upload it all to your computer and build a training log.


With 2000 splits and rates stored in the memory, you'll never need to jot down times again. Display, store and recall lap and cumulative splits, store rates in the memory with the time they were taken, and recall best and average splits.

Stroke Rates are a snap with the Interval. Unlike most stopwatches on the market, the Interval displays the rating right along with the splits, without changing modes. Measure the rate over 1, 2 or 3 strokes, and automatically store all rates or manually store selected rates.

Segmented memory allows you to store multiple sets of time after timing one event, press the NEXT SEGMENT button to clear the screen. (These times will be stored). Then simply time the next event. Each segment is identified by start date and time. Over 600 segments can be stored, making the Interval ideal for timing complex practices and races.

The protective rubber cover adds grip and comfort and is available in your choice of blue, red, green, gray, yellow, purple, pink, orange or white.

The Interval 2000 reflects Nielsen-Kellerman's 20 years of experience in building waterproof electronics for demanding users. You won't find another stopwatch that touches the Interval's capability, for the simple reason that no other company understands rowing like NK.



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