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Mould 409

Mould 409
Mould 409
Mould 409

Suggested weight range

57.5 – 82.5kg


Boat Overall Length



Beam At Waterline


Mould 409 is undeniably a very fast boat. Based on the FISA shape designed by Klaus Filter, Jeff Sykes refinded and smoothed the shape to make it our own in the 1990s. In 2013 the AUS W4- won a bronze medal and the Penrith Cup Interstate LM4- was won by Queensland, both in Mould 409. This boat is one of Sykes most popular shapes which is rowed equally successfully as a quad or four. Mould 409 is most commonly rowed by lightweight men and heavyweight women.

For pricing, please see our Fours & Quads page.

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Spectra Steering System image

Spectra Steering System

Spectra is a Kevlar-based product that is corrosion-proof and easy to use. Compared to the stainless steel wiring mechanism, the spectra system is lighter, more durable, corrosion proof and it does not stretch. A great innovation by Sykes.

Dual Locking Backarm image

Dual Locking Backarm

The new sliding adjustable type back arms have a dual locking system. The 6mm bolt locks the backarm in place via an internal nut. The large ribbed plastic locknut is then tightened against the end of the back arm tube. This gives secondary support and ensures the force is well supported. The adjustment range is 70mm which easily allows for span changes on the rigger.

Pin Block Measuring Tapes image

Pin Block Measuring Tapes

All Sykes boats come with span/spread measuring tapes applied on the pin block below each oarlock pin.

Waterbottle Holder image

Waterbottle Holder

In the stern-end bulkhead under each seat deck a, is a standard bicycle-sized water bottle holder. Whilst fitted as a standard feature, they add approx. 440grm to the total weight of the hull.

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