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Single Scull

Single Scull Overview

Sykes single sculls are known for design innovation and product quality. 

The new generation of singles have maintained the Sykes tradition of fast ‘fine’ racing hulls. However with access to cutting edge design software and leading technology, our new generation of performance single sculls feature unprecedented levels of stability while minimising overall hull drag. This allows rowers to be more comfortable while going faster than ever before.

The design targets behind all of our new boats are speed (drag), stability and stiffness/strength. Available in four different mould sizes, we’re confident this new range cannot be matched for performance or quality by any of our competitors worldwide.

All Sykes performance racing boats are built at our Breakwater, Australia factory using only the highest quality materials that are sourced from all over the world.

Single Scull Options

    Standard Inclusions

    • 5 year construction warranty
    • 2 year warranty on fittings and accessories
    • Anodised alloy wing rigger
    • Anodised alloy slides
    • Bearing wheels
    • Sykes Rowing shoes
    • 2 x Sykes tie down straps

    Optional Extras

    • Quick release rigger
    • Carbon bow mounted rigger
    • Electronics wiring
    • GPS (NK or Coxmate)
    • Boat name
    • Deluxe boat cover
    • Rigger cover
    • BatLogic plates
    • Car top carrier

    Single Scull Flyer

    Boat Ranges

    Sykes offers a number of hull choices depending on the weight and style of the crew. Over the years, these boats have been developed and tested with some of Australia’s best rowers.

    To understand which boat will suit your needs, start with the table below. Of course for more information, please call or email us.

    Rower Weight (kg) vs Mould

    Mould Length (m) 55 60 65 70 75 80 85 90 95 100+
    135 7.35 Yes Yes Yes No No No No No No No
    137 7.53 No No Yes Yes Yes No No No No No
    138 7.69 No No No No No Yes Yes Yes No No
    139 8.30 No No No No No No No Yes Yes Yes 

    Single Scull Flyer


    Rigger Options

    Custom Boat Name / Pin Stripes

    • Custom Boat Name – Font available in Printed or Script
      • Font size options: 30mm (recommended for singles); 40mm (recommended for Pairs & Larger Boats)
    • Pin Stripes (6mm)
      • Top Colour only on single sculls

    Shoe Options

    • Sykes Rowing Shoes (standard set-up)
    • Active Tools (adjustable length rowing shoes)
    • Clog Stretcher

    Single Scull Flyer


    Within the Sykes single sculls range, we have hulls of various composites which all have their advantages. Some indicative pricing for popular hull setups with each construction are shown below.

    X indicates standard set-up

    5K Construction

    RIGGERS Aluminium X
    SEATS Carbon X
    SHOES Sykes X
    Standard Set Up From $11,288 +GST

    Please note: Prices are in Australian dollars. Variation of the parts can alter the price and weight of the final boat. If you require your boat to be on the FISA minimum weight, some items such as quick release riggers and Bat Logic shoe plates might not be an option.

    Single Scull Flyer


    Mould 135

    "I have really been enjoying rowing the 135. The stability of the boat in the water makes it easy to make changes and adjustment in the application of pressure without adversely impacting on boat speed. Rather, the boat responds immediately without losing any balance through rhythm change. This is the same experience I had in the 214 double Alice McNamara and I were rowing in. I think the stability is a crucial element because it means you're not wasting energy on finding balance. The boat also has really nice run through the water, and been good in all conditions thus far."

    Steph Radford - Melbourne University Boat Club 


    "When your husband asks you if you would like a cup of tea in bed and you say no, then you know you are in love - with your single scull Sykes rowing boat, although I do love my husband too! I hope the offer for a cup of tea continues, even if I prioritise an early morning row on the glassy lake water in front of our house. From the moment I took the first couple of strokes in my boat, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I had dreamed of this moment of slicing though the water perfectly balanced, synonymous with my boat. The years of bobbing in singles that were too big for me were finally over!

    The rowing dream is different for everyone. For me it started after watching Meryl Streep in the opening scene of the movie ‘The River Wild’ when she rows at dawn up a river in a major American city as the sun comes up with nothing but a perfect wake following her. I wanted to capture that feeling of rhythm on the water. Being a lightweight masters rower was often a frustrating experience, with singles always being for heavier rowers. Like most, I started casually looking on websites for second hand sculls, as well as talking to others about their boats. In the end, I decided I could invest in a cheaper boat and run the risk of being unhappy with my choice, or take the plunge and buy a good quality Sykes, which is more likely to give me the longevity and performance I wanted in a scull. I was not disappointed.

    Since Mould135 is a very light boat, with a good length, and well-positioned handle, I am able to lift, carry, turn my boat, and put it in and out of the water independently. It sits well in the water with excellent balance and is very responsive, picking up speed quickly and being easy to manoeuvre.

    Of course we mustn’t forget customer service, as that can make or break a purchase. The customer service I got from James was great, answering all my questions and helping me to transport my boat all the way from Victoria to the great Far North Qld - no easy feat.

    As the old saying goes - the experience will be remembered long after the cost is forgotten. My rowing dream has come true. Yours can too."
    Debbie Michael, QLD


    "I am an older, experienced, lightweight Masters rower who loves new innovation and technology. I purchased the Sykes M135 single scull 6 months ago, and am extremely happy with it. It is a beautiful looking boat, a little shorter than my old boat (10 years old) with quite a few changes to hull shape and design. 

    The 135 sits well and moves through the water easily, feeling balanced bow to stern. I have raced in a variety of conditions this season, the worst being at Kawana waters at Australian Masters Championships Regatta where it was windy, choppy and wet. The boat was easy to handle in tough conditions. 

    I'm definitely having a long-term relationship with this boat."

    Lindy, Iron Cove, Sydney


    Mould 137:

    "Upon first impression the new Sykes 137/138 mould features a number of modified design aspects such as a new bow shape design and narrower gunwale width, whilst also retaining familiar features which make Sykes boats such a distinct design.

    Once in the boat, there is a feeling of much greater stability with the new hull shape, and it handled the crosswind conditions exceptionally well without having to divert much attention whilst rowing. Also in motion, the increased stability can also be felt with a minimised trimming through the water, giving an increased level of comfort and flatness whilst moving up and down the slide.

    I’m looking forward to really putting this new scull mould through its paces once the domestic racing season rolls around!"

    Genevieve Horton, Olympian and Australian Rowing Team


    Mould 139:

    "When one ponders rowing shell manufacturing in Australia, there is only one name to consider - Sykes. The Mould 139 Single Scull is representative of the crafts that will make Sykes a player on the international scene moving into the future. 

    Although personally by no means am I a silk merchant on the water, a member of the guild if you will, I have managed to amass some kilometres in a variety of single sculls over the years.

    The mould 139 is a craft of elite international standard. Being on the heavier end of the spectrum, finding a craft that can bear my weight comfortably is of paramount importance. The noticeable difference between the mould 139 and the previous Sykes model 130, is the ability for the stern to "stay up" and run between the strokes. The rigidity and buoyancy allows me to lay down the full extent of my power whilst maintaining complete confidence in the shell and its ability to absorb and propel what has been created to ensure maximum boat speed. 

    The customer service that Sykes embodies is a trait that sets it apart from its competitors. I have established great relationships with a number of key employees at the company who are all too willing to help with my Sykes single. Further their ability to repair your equipment should something go array is unparalleled (I would know as I managed to wipe the bow section off my boat recently). 

    This boat is a joy to row and would be suitable for anybody who has aspirations to race competitively or just grind out some miles on their local waterway." 

    Nick Purnell, Sydney University Boat Club & Australian Rowing Team

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