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Advanced Engineering Centre

Sykes Advanced Engineering Centre was established with the aim to:

  1. Develop the fastest boats in the world using a structured engineering approach to boat design.
  2. Draw on the unique combination of practical experience and science available within the multidisciplinary team at Sykes.
  3. Collaborate with leaders in their respective fields including Carbon Revolution, Carbon Nexus, Deakin University, Austeng Engineering, and Melbourne University Fluids Group to produce world leading practices.
  4. Establish Sykes as a dominant world leader in rowing products.

In 2016, Sykes were one of seven successful applicants in the third round of the Geelong Region Innovation and Investment Fund (GRIIF)

The Fund is helping Sykes' advanced engineering centre to manufacture rowing equipment, adopt new technology, expand capabilities, target international markets and explore new commercial opportunities. 



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