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C2 Bantam Scull Oars

The Concept2 Bantam sculls use an Ultralight shaft and Concept2’s Bantam blade. The result is an oar with the same weight and balance as an Ultralight racing scull but with added durability and lower price – all without compromising function or the rowing experience.

Bantam oars are well suited to a variety of users including youth, recreational, beginners and masters athletes. We recommend a standard set of specifications (listed below) that will accommodate most users.


  • The Bantam Blade is a cost effective injection moulded design that maintains the same weight and balance as an Ultralight racing scull.
    • Comparable width to the Smoothie2 and Fat2 carbon blades. By maintaining this width, the blade is stable in the water and remains efficient.
    • 10cm shorter than the Smoothie2 an Fat2 blades.
    • Reduced surface area results in a nimble, easy to handle blade with the same weight as a Smoothie2 carbon blade.
    • Injection moulded polypropylene is less stiff than carbon fibre composites but is durable and inexpensive to replace.
  • The suggested oar length of 281-286cm is well suited to a large variety of users and represents the blades balanced loading profile which falls between a Fat2 and Smoothie2 Plain Edge blade.
  • Bantam oars some standard with a medium stiffness Ultralight carbon fibre shaft, a 5cm adjustable thermoplastic handle, and a medium green rubber or orange grip.
  • Same weight (approximately 1375g) as Ultralight oars. Balance point and weight in the hands are also equal.



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