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CAD Design

Specialising in both NX and Solidworks, Sykes can offer a wide range of CAD services from idea formulation, individual part constructions and fully parameterised assemblies.

With vast experience in NX and Solidworks, with the ability to progress your designs at a rapid pace due to our large design team, Sykes can turn your idea into a fully-fledged CAD model very quickly. Combine this rapid design time with our ability to produce moulds, plugs, jigs and fixtures in our 2.5 & 5 axis NC’s and our industry leading composites experience, Sykes offers a service like no other. Take your CAD assembly, and with the help of Sykes engineers, run Finite Element Analysis on all your key components to test their strength, stiffness and viability before sinking thousands of dollars in tooling.

Taking our experience gained from a digital design process in our rowing boats with many hundreds of parts, Sykes has the experience to model complicated 3D assemblies, whilst keeping a structured design ideal and simple to use part catalogues.




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