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CNC Machining and Tooling

Sykes specialises in multiple manufacturing disciplines, including:

Multiax CNC: 2.5 & 5 Axis
2.5 & 5 Axis CNC machines make easy work of the most complicated shapes and patterns for mould, plug and jig fabrications.

CAD Design

Specialising in both NX and Solidworks, Sykes can offer a wide range of CAD services from idea formulation, individual part constructions and fully parameterised assemblies.

Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

Using the advantage of modern computers, fully model the strength and stiffness of your designs with our abilities in Finite Element analysis. Identify your weaknesses and address them before they become a problem.


With expertise in Aluminium and Steel welding, our Metalshop can produce exacting parts for any of your metalwork needs.



Undoubtedly experts in the field, Sykes has been employing composite building technology in our rowing boats for over 25 years. Let our experience help you in your Composite projects.

Mould Making

From simple box moulds to complicated 18 metre hull shapes, Sykes has the expertise to produce a mould for any application you require.



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