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Coaching from the Motor Launch, 'Tinny'

As most if not all coaches would agree, coaching from a motor launch is far more effective than from the river bank. Being close up allows for better observation, video from many angles for technique analysis and of course provides added safety for crews and scullers.

One point however that should not be overlooked but often is, is the effect that the coach boat can have on the boat it is following if its proximity is too close.

For the water to approach and pass around the launch, it has to accelerate towards it and hence if the launch is too close to the crew or sculler, it has a pulling effect and hence slowing.

If doing timed pieces or side by side racing, positioning and proximity of the launch should be considered.

Australian crews over the years have trained on the Welland Canal in South Niagara Canada, which is part of the St Lawrence Seaway and would remember well the effect on the water level as it dropped and started moving in the direction of the large ships, passing by the end of the channel, the same effect only larger and easily identified.



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