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Undoubtedly experts in the field, Sykes has been employing composite building technology in our rowing boats for over 25 years. Let our experience help you in your Composite projects.

Revolutionising the sport of rowing in 1985 with the introduction of sandwich laminate construction, Sykes has continued to lead the way with the use of composite materials in its boats. With a huge range of experience in all fibres (carbon, Kevlar (aramid), fibreglass) and cores (Nomex Honeycomb, Open/Closed cell foams etc.), Sykes has the solution for your composite problems. With the ability to generate flat patterns and complicated moulds, Sykes can produce the plugs and moulds for any composite job you require. We can even produce the parts for you as well, using high quality fibres, resins and finishing processes to make your composite parts stand out.



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