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Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

Using the advantage of modern computers, fully model the strength and stiffness of your designs with our abilities in Finite Element analysis. Identify your weaknesses and address them before they become a problem.

Utilizing our experience in 3D modelling, Sykes turned to Finite Element analysis to provide greater stiffness per unit weight in our rowing boats. Faced with very tight weight limits on our boats, Sykes has used Finite element analysis to help us drive efficiency in the use of composite materials and achieve high stiffness per unit weight.

Let our experience in complex 3D modelling, engineering, and Finite element analysis help you to identify weaknesses in your design and engineer solutions. Led by our FEA manager with over 20 years of experience in FE, the Sykes team can analyse any problem that arises and help to provide solutions for your needs.


Sykes used Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to ensure the pin holder components of their carbon rigger have the correct balance of functionality, weight, durability and stiffness. The video shows the displacement during the rowing stroke. The arrows indicate the moving force from the oar, which then produces the visible stresses, shown by the different colours.

Sykes' engineers use FEA to help understand how the parts transfer load, make adjustments to concept designs and select the best type & layup of materials. 



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