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Multiax CNC: 2.5 & 5 Axis

2.5 & 5 Axis CNC machines make easy work of the most complicated shapes and patterns for mould, plug and jig fabrications.

In 2013, Sykes took delivery of a 5 Axis NC mill to run alongside the existing 2.5 axis NX. With an ever increasing ability to machine complex shapes in either NC, Sykes has the aptitude to meet any of your mould, jig, or plug manufacturing requirements. As leaders in the rowing industry in Australia and globally, Sykes uses the 5 axis NC to produce our long slender hull shapes. With accuracy up to 4 microns, we can produce highly replicable surfaces. Our 2.5 axis machine is also available for flat pattern work at high speed and affordable cost.

The video below shows the CNC installation at the Sykes factory.



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