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Rowing Boats

Since our first world championship gold medal in 1974, Sykes' boats and designs have been the choice of many of today’s Australian Rowing Teams. 

Investing heavily in research and development, Sykes are continually producing brand new designs, and new testing and construction methods. Utilising the latest technology and high quality materials, as well as rigorous on and off-water testing, we never compromise on quality. We set the standard.


Single Scull

Single sculling is the purest form of rowing and successful single scullers are arguably the best athletes in the sport. 

Sykes' single sculls are known for design innovation, performance and product quality, and currently have four different moulds on offer in our single scull fleet. 

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Initiator Range

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Accelerator Range

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Pairs & Doubles

Rowing as a double or pair is the ultimate test of the bond between two athletes. Having developed our range of pairs and doubles with some of the greatest to ever row, Sykes boats are built for speed and also to enable maximum co-ordination between rowers.

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Coxless Fours & Quads

Fours and Quads provide a feeling of easy speed like no other when they are humming along between strokes. Sykes hulls aim to maximise the run between strokes with the least wetted area in contact with the water.

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Coxed Fours & Quads

Coxed Fours and Quads demand strength and power to motor down the course. Sykes boats are widely used in Australia with schools and clubs alike. Overseas they have been successful with Junior World Champions.

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Eights racing is like no other. With such power and speed, a stiff and stable shape, Sykes eights boats have been successful at all levels of racing from schools to international level. 

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Second Hand Boats

Second Hand Boats Available Direct from Sykes

If you don't see the boat you are interested in, you can register your interest for a Sykes second hand boat, and when one becomes available, we can get in contact with you. 

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No boats currently available 

Do you have a Sykes boat you wish to sell and advertise on this page?

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Average Crew Weight 70kg. Boat Weight 14kg. Carbon Wing Rigger (+ Rigger Cover included). Alloy Backstays. Size 42 like new Project B Shoes. Like new Carbon Croaker Seat with Custom Seat top with silicon and EVA padding (worth $325). S4 Standard Croaker Oars with both pink (small) and yellow (medium) shafts and hand grips. Stroke Coach + carry case (both GPS and Impeller compatible). Boat fitted with impeller + cabling. Comes with Cradle. 

Very good condition, very well looked after. Located at Varsity Lakes Masters Rowing club.

26 2007 Kat Baker 0455 366 264 $6,500 QLD

Sykes single scull. 65-74kg rower weight. Picked up brand new November 2016 from Melbourne, Sykes. Used for a season and a half, scrubbed after each session and boat/rigger always lived safely in their covers in the boat shed. Brand new condition. Boat number: 6832. Boat name: bombshell.

137 2016 Phoebe Pado 0431 020 418 $10,000 SA
Sykes Coxed Quad/Four, Average weight of crew 80kg. Both Sweep and Scull riggers included, NK Loom and speakers, Boat overall in exceptional condition been maintained by Boatman. 10 1999 Conrad Cooper 0402 902 018 $8,000 VIC
Sykes Single Scull. I’m the second owner. Bought the boat in 2015 from Sykes. It’s an Ex AIS/ NTC single. Athlete weight 90kgs. Boat No. 5688. Comes with carbon seat and back arms, all Bungs and Sykes rigger bag. The boat has only been used a handful of times due to having a second single and has been in storage from 2016 until now.
37 2013 Kane Grant 0438 398 968 $7,000 SA
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