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Concept2 Shaft Options

Concept2 offers the following types of Shaft construction options:

Skinny (Sweep and Scull)

Concept2’s newest high performance shaft, the Skinny, is a smaller diameter shaft that offers less wind resistance, different bending characteristics and softer flex options. Concept2 lab tests reveal the Skinny shaft reduces wind drag of the shaft by 25% for sculls and 50% for sweeps compared to a standard Ultralight shaft. Skinny shafts are made of high modulus carbon fibre to achieve the needed stiffness with the smaller diameter. Final oar weight is comparable to Ultralight shafts.

Low i (Scull Only)

The Low i shaft uses high modulus carbon fibre and a standard shaft diameter to achieve a lighter shaft. We use the lightest blade for the Low i scull to achieve overall weight reduction and extremely low swing weight— the weight at the blade that is felt each time the oar changes direction. Those rowing with higher stroke rates tend to benefit from using Low I sculls. These sculls are less resistant to impact damage than Ultralights.

Ultralight (Sweep and Scull)

The Ultralight is Concept2’s standard lightweight, all-carbon fibre shaft that is most commonly used at all levels of rowing and racing today. Over the years, Concept2 have refined the construction of this shaft to be as durable as possible

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