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The Swingulator is produced in the USA by Rowing Innovations, and Sykes are the official Australian distributor.

Sykes introduced the Swingulator to Australia in early 2013 and it has become an essential coaching tool for school and club programs around the country. The Swingulator enables coaches to develop their athlete’s technique at a much faster rate than previously possible without an indoor rowing tank. Using the Swingulator, coaches can now stand right next to their athletes and give quality feedback on their technique. Athletes perform an accurate rowing movement while they get the feedback from a Concept2 ergo monitor.

Swingulator® Sweep Trainer

The Best Coaching Platform in the World.

Swingulator Sweep Trainer

  • Up close, hands-on coaching with individual rowers.
  • Measure and monitor rower’s performance: stroke-length, catch/finish angles and power application.
  • Monitor rower’s performance both individually and as part of a line-up.
  • Aerobic, steady-state and power workouts that truly match the on-water experience.

New Swingulator® SX Team Sculling Trainer

The world's only multi-seat sculling platform - For Training, Coaching, and Evaluation.

  • Can be configured from single to eight seats
  • Turn erg pieces into "true" sculling workouts
  • Lock-in and fine-tune stroke, catch, finish, recovery & feathering
  • Measure output, stroke rate, and length to guide training
  • Monitor rower’s performance both individually and as part of a line-up
  • Develop timing and team coordination
  • Mobile, easily moved and stored. 

Please note: C2 ergs sold separately.

For further information, contact a member of our Sales Team or visit the Rowing Innovations website.



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