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Sykes Coxed Quad/Four Range

Sykes announces the release of their new fifth generation Quad/Four racing boat

A lighter, faster racing shell that is set to deliver excellent results.

Geelong, Australia – June 15, 2017 – Sykes, the largest rowing boat builder in Australia, today announced the release of their new racing quad, the M456 (60-75kg crew) and M457 (75-85kg crew) coxed boats. Seizing on the success and popularity of the M422, a winner in the Schoolgirl market, Sykes has further refined the shape to create a lighter, stiffer and more stable hull.

Although the fifth generation racing boat has retained the narrow, low wetted surface shape and feel of the M422, Sykes has improved its performance by narrowing the boats bow profile and adding depth through the mid-section. This results in a lower wave drag than its predecessor, as well as a fairer (nee: more slippery) hull shape.

The M456 and M457 features Sykes’ new 5k Construction. The 5k Construction is a process which involves replacing Carbon with Kevlar (which is lighter) in strategic locations throughout the boat, thus saving weight and increasing the boats stiffness.

The development process of Sykes fifth generation Quad/Four racing boat was a highly structured and technically rigorous approach. It involved their Research and Development team using a number of advanced programs and processes including FEA (Finite Element Analysis), CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) and CAD (Computer Aided Design), all in an effort to produce a hull with improved features and performance.

To learn more about this new design, phone 03 5221 3655 or view the fifth generation Quad/Four range.



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