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Who we are

Sykes are an Australian manufacturer of rowing shells. It was in 1966 that Jeff Sykes built his first racing scull that would assist him winning the Australian Interstate Sculling Championships – the Presidents Cup. That first boat was the beginning for what became Jeff Sykes & Associates Pty Ltd, now known as ‘Sykes’.

Sykes has a proud history of manufacturing and a proud place in the Australian rowing community. We are producing new designs, new testing and construction methods and will continue to work with our customers from our the High Performance level to our valued School, Club and Masters customers.

At Sykes, we believe that to be the best boat company in Australia and the world, we must focus on three critical areas: Innovation, Connection and Support.


Innovation at Sykes happens daily in design and construction but also via partnerships with world leaders in technology.

So that we stay in front of the pack, our team of leading craftsmen in their field are backed by the latest equipment to evolve our designs every day. We do this in collaboration with top international competitors, coaches and industry experts from around the world. Using advanced computer modelling, we can now evolve and test designs faster than ever before.

For us construction isn't just about quality, it is about improving techniques so that our boats evolve in every way possible. It has always been a priority for us and as we work stringently towards achieving the rigorous Australian Quality Standard ISO-9002, it becomes absolutely imperative.

To learn more about our innovations you can see our innovation log here.


Sykes Boats

Connection is important to Sykes not only with our customers but understanding and improving how they connect with the boat.

An athlete's connection to the boat is critical to us as we believe your success is our success, striving for the same victories as one team. This means every point of contact you have must balance both comfort and efficiency which comes from great design and endless variation for personal rigging.

Since our first World Championship gold medal in 1974, Sykes has worked closely with the majority of Australian Rowing Teams. Regardless of the level of competition, we enjoy being the team you win with. Enabling your success is an important and enjoyable part of the business for us and for almost 50 years Sykes manufacturing excellence has enabled us to share many victories in Australia and beyond.


Sykes supports our customers from innovative designs right through to maintenance. Our service & maintenance are there for you and your club and our passionate service team are there for your daily needs. With our maintenance team led by Paul Fitzgerald, we are there for any issue.

We are passionate about supporting rowing in Australia in all forms and are proud to support numerous Australian Rowing Teams, AIS Programs and local regattas.




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