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Mould 411


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Mould 411 (65-85kg) originally designed to conform to the Victorian Rowing Association Regulations which covered boats used for racing in the beginner Novice area. The hull is a wide stable hull specifically designed for stability for teaching beginners to row but with a competitive feel. Original construction of single skin fibreglass with carbon reinforcement, gives a very robust knockabout hull to combat handling and misuse damage. This model has been the mainstay of almost every school and club in Victoria for the past 40 years.

In recent times where our sport has been deregulated, this hull has maintained its value for beginner and younger crews and is now available in a high performance Honeycomb sandwich construction similar to our racing hulls.  The main advantage is the weight reduction with the hull weighing in the low 50kg range depending on choice of fittings and sweep or sculling riggers.

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