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Mould 858

Mould 858

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Mould 858 is part of Sykes new Fifth Generation Eight series and was developed on the success of the M40 range. Although Mould 858 features a similar low wetted surface area as the M40, the stability of the boat has been improved, making it easier for crews to take advantage of the boats low drag performance.

Designed for an 85kg crew midpoint, Mould 858 is aimed at all boat classes that fall into this range, including Schoolboys, Club Eights and Midweight men. 

mould 858

As with the Mould 857, Mould 858 features a more stable design, a stiffer and lighter construction, new moulded monodecks, a stronger section join (now located between seats 6 and 7) with 13mm (M8) bolts, and new rigger mounting feet. As with every Sykes boat, it will be customised to the specifications required by the customer.

The design targets behind Mould 858 were speed, stability and stiffness/strength, which were all achieved through finite element analysis (FEA), hydrodynamic analysis & theory, and rigorous on and off water testing. 


    Sykes new “5K Construction”

    • 5K is Sykes very own method of high strength, high stiffness carbon composite construction designed to save weight and increase stiffness. With a Kevlar presence in the footwells, these areas are now more damage resistant from athletes dropping items into the bottom of the boat (i.e. drink bottles).
    Sykes 5K Construction

      Moulded Mono Decks

      • Sykes mono deck features a state of the art design that not only improves the structure and style of the boat, but significantly improves the overall comfort for the rower. When you row in a Sykes boat, it will feel the same, regardless of what seat you are in!
      Moulded Mono Deck

          Marked Pins
          • Along with pin block measurement tapes standard on all Sykes boats, a centre line is marked on the base of all our pins. This makes it easy to see the centre of the span when measuring. Just one way Sykes makes rigging your boat that little bit easier.
          Marked Pins

            Moulded Stern Bulkheads

            • We have improved the layup and integration of the stern bulkhead, which now flows smoothly over the stern deck. This improves stiffness and greatly improves the aesthetics of the boat.
            Moulded Stern Bulkhead      Moulded Stern Bulkhead

              Moveable head rest

              • Sykes offers coxswains the opportunity to move their headrest back and forth with them so they can push themselves against the bow bulkhead. This means a more comfortable experience for coxswains so they can focus on the task of steering straight and getting their crew to row fast.
              Moveable Head Rest      Moveable Head Rest

              Bow Coaming Splash

              • We have increased the height of the bow coaming to improve wave taking ability and combine seamlessly into the flange.
              Bow Coaming Splash      Bow Coaming Splash

              • 2 Rigger widths across the boat – Stroke Rig, Bow Rig and Tandems any way you like!

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