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N.K XL3 Unit and Transmitter

N.K XL3 Unit and Transmitter


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NK XL3 Unit and Transmitter - Bumper, Pouch and Charger

As a coach, you work really hard to figure out what it really takes to make your crew faster. No matter what, on some level it's guesswork.

NK has changed that with the revolutionary SpeedCoach XL3. The SpeedCoach XL3 incorporates a powerful digital spread spectrum transceiver capable of sending and receiving all of a crew's performance information in real time, up to 400 meters away. Buy two SpeedCoach XL3's, one for the shell, and one for your launch and you'll be able to see your crew's speed/pace, distance, time, average speed/pace, stroke rate and stroke count updated on your coach unit every stroke, in real time.

Add more XL3's for other boats and continue to monitor them with just one coach unit you can page between data screens for up to 9 boats in your network. (You can assign each boat a 5-character name to facilitate review.) To monitor more than one crew without changing screens, or to allow other coaches to monitor the same crews, simply add more units to act as receivers. Advanced network security ensures that only you see the boats in your network, and that there's no interference between XL units, even on busy rivers. The SpeedCoach XL3 has all the other features and capabilities of the XL1 model: customizable display, programmable workouts, extensive memory, computer upload with the optional interface, backlight and rechargeable batteries. (Fully charged batteries will provide 8 hours of use while transmitting/receiving.)



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