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Eights racing is like no other. With such power and speed, a stiff and stable shape is needed to maintain speeds over 6 metres per second. Utilising the latest technologies and computer programs, the Sykes eights boat range feature innovative engineering, significant rigidity increases, stronger and more modern deck styling and ultimately faster boats, while still maintaining the comfortable and stable Sykes shape.

Having been a successful boat range at all levels of racing from schools to international level, our boats are built for top speed eights racing!

Boat Type

  • 8+ 

Mould Options

Standard Inclusions

  • 5 year construction warranty
  • 2 year warranty on fittings and accessories
  • Anodised alloy wing rigger
  • Anodised alloy slides
  • Bearing wheels
  • Sykes Rowing shoes
  • 4 x Sykes tie down straps

Optional Extras

  • Quick release riggers
  • Electronics wiring
  • GPS (NK or Coxmate)
  • Boat Name
  • Deluxe boat cover
  • Rigger cover
  • BatLogic plates
  • Rigger frames / plates for additional rigger configurations

Construction Options

Construction Benefits
Honeycomb Carbon Sandwich Laminate Maximum Performance
Honeycomb Kevlar Sandwich Laminate Performance with Resilience

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Boat Ranges

Sykes offers a number of hull choices depending on the weight and style of the crew. Over the years, these boats have been developed and tested with some of Australia’s best rowers. To understand which boat will suit your needs start with table below. Of course for more information, please call or email us.

Rower Weight (kg) vs Mould
Mould Length (m) 55 60 65 70 75 80 85 90 95 100+
857 17.2 No No Yes Yes Yes No No No No No
858L 17.4 No No No No Yes Yes Yes No No No
858H 17.4
No No No No No No
Yes Yes Yes No

Since our first eight’s design won the King’s Cup in 1973, Sykes' designs have been the dominant force at Australian National Championships. Our highly successful M827 and M840 designs have been re-engineered with improved strength and rigidity, which translates into increased speed. The hull construction has been strengthened with a thicker honeycomb/Nomex core and continuous moulded flange.

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Rigger Options

  • Bolt on (Standard)
  • Rowfit Quick Release fitting

Custom Boat Name / Pin Stripes

  • Custom Boat Name – Font available in Printed or Script
    • Font size options: 30mm (recommended for singles); 40mm (recommended for Pairs & Larger Boats)
  • Pin Stripes (6 or 12mm)
    • Top Colour
    • Middle Colour
    • Bottom Colour

Shoe Options

  • Sykes Shoes (standard set-up)
  • Active Tools (adjustable length rowing shoes)

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Within our eights range we offer both wing rigger and three-stay rigger options. Some indicative pricing for setups that are often chosen with each composite are shown below. 

X indicates
standard set-up

Carbon Honeycomb

RIGGERS Aluminium X
SEATS Carbon X
Synthetic X
Seat Pad X
Full Carbon
Price for Standard Set Up From $47,820 +GST

Please note: Prices are in Australian dollars. Variation of the parts can alter the price and weight of the final boat.

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Mould 857

Mould 857 is the first Eight development in Sykes' new Fifth Generation Eight series. You will find a detailed technological...

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Mould 828

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Mould 829

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