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Oars - Overview

Top athletes around the world rely on Concept2 oars and sculls. Here's the numbers from the Rio Olympics:

  • 64% of Gold medal-winning crews were won with Concept2 oars and sculls
  • 76% of all medal-winning crews were won with Concept2 oars and sculls
  • 76% of all finalists rowed with Concept2 oars and sculls

Since bringing carbon fibre oars to the rowing community over 40 years ago, Concept2 has continued to revolutionise the sport of rowing with increasingly efficient oar designs. 

Concept2 blade designs have evolved with one purpose – to more efficiently convert the athlete’s power into boat speed. When selecting a blade, we highly recommend you choose a blade from the Smoothie2 mould, which includes the Fat2, Smoothie2, and Smoothie2 Vortex. Based on testing and the feedback we've received, the Smoothie2 mould blades are the most effective. 

Analysis and on water testing has shown that the Fat Blade has the greatest potential to increase boat speed, although boats still need to be rigged properly and there may be time needed for the crew to adjust to the loading profile of the Fat Blade.

Every Concept2 Oar is custom built. This means you can select your oars from our standard specifications, or fully customize from our wide range of options. However unique your oar needs may be, if you want it, we will build it.

Oar Definitions

When placing your order, we recommend you keep a copy of our Oar Order Form to help you keep track of the specifications and options you select.

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