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Fin Replacement Spectra Rudder Cable Coaches Conference 2012: Sykes Vox Pop We caught up with many of Australia's most influential rowing people while at the 2012 Rowing Australia Coaches Conference. Find out what they had to say below

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Rigging Angle Chart Selecting the Correct Rudder Length Seat Packer Heights and Screws   HOSG Victorian Results Analysis 2017 HOSG  Results Analysis 2016 HOSG Results Analysis 2015 HOSG Results Analysis   SIRR Event Analysis 2016 SIRR School Event Analysis 2015 SIRR School Event Analysis 2014 SIRR School Event Analysis   Other...

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Arc Length and Gearing Many coaches contact us for advice on gearing and in particular choice of oar length. General advice is easy to give knowing that in reality a lot of crews now use equipment that is adjustable within a small specification range. From Kleshnev (2007) we know the...

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Rigging Variables Here you can find a quick description of basic rigging variables, and a short discussion of how each variable can affect your rowing. Span-Spread Inboard; Outboard; Overlap; Catch Angle/Finish Angle; and Oarlock Height Span (spread): The distance between the two pins on a sculling boat, or the distance...

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Pitch Gauge Review

Sykes offers four different gauges for measuring stretcher and oarlock angles including our own unit made here in the Sykes factory. All the gauges can be zeroed to take into account the angle the boat is sitting at, especially if the angle is not square. A pitch gauge is an...

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Measuring feet/heel height

What is it?The depth of the heel below the lowest point of the seat. Why do we adjust it?We adjust our feet or heel height to get into a biomechanical position that gives us our best performance. How do we measure it?With a straight edge ruler across the boat (Figure...

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History of rowing

For a comprehensive history of Australian Rowing, visit the History of Australian Rowing website. Find out who rowed where and the results they achieved. Read about selection and racing issues and also see the trends and growth in the sport in Australia.

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Rowing Terminology

We know if you're new to the sport of rowing, it can be confusing to some of the terminology used by fellow rowers. Below is a few items we think will help you to understand what it is other rowers are talking about. Catch angle/Finish angle: The oar's angle from...

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