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Your options for Concept2 grips will depend on the handle and shaft you have chosen, and whether you are ordering Ultralight sweeps, Skinny sweeps or sculls.

Smooth Green Rubber

Contoured Orange Rubber

Microfibre Suede

  • Firm, smooth texture
  • Most durable, easy to clean

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    • Radian finger sized contours and brushed texture.
    • Firm, durable material

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        • Soft, suede-like texture
        • Adhesive-backed synthetic suede grip layer
        • Requires more frequent replacement than our other grip options

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          Azure Blue Rubber

          Wood Veneer

          Blue Cellular Foam

          • Firm feel with longitudinal ribs
          • Easy to clean
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            • Real mahogany
            • Surface can be sanded carefully for more texture.

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            • Soft feel with a firm, sponge-like texture
            • Requires more frequent cleaning to retain group properties

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              Skinny Grip, Suede Adjustable

              • Soft, suede-like texture
              • Easy and inexpensive to replace; no tools required
              • Requires more frequent replacement than other C2 grip options

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