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The Sykes repair division is the most experienced and devoted repair team in Australia. Headed up by Tim Day, one of the most skilled craftsmen around and also a former Australian World Championship and Olympic team Boatman.  

Sykes maintain and repair all makes of boats from all over Australia, with our name having long been associated with the highest quality boats and rowing equipment. Sykes repair division is no exception.

Repairing a boat

Paul and his team will provide expert and prompt service, and all Sykes repair work is guaranteed.

If you would like your boat expertly repaired, please contact Sykes to arrange collection or simply complete the form below with your repair request.

If you are looking for spare parts and know what you need, the fastest way is to purchase through the Sykes Online Parts Store or by contacting Sykes direct


Headshot of Wayne Nitschke

Wayne Nitschke

Spare Parts / Service
(03) 5221 3655

Headshot of Tim Day

Tim Day

0408 446 276

Headshot of Angus Widdicombe

Angus Widdicombe

Sales & Customer Relations
0432 381 708

Headshot of George Richards

George Richards

Sales & Customer Relations
0413 077 041
Headshot of Alexandra Hagan

Alexandra Hagan

Sales & Customer Relations
0421 811 880

International Dealers

Headshot of SYKES USA -  Ed Bell



Ph: 484 529 8189

Headshot of Ohki Mitsuru

Ohki Mitsuru

Ph: 81 - 0(90)14064039



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