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Pairs & Doubles


Rowing as a double or pair is the ultimate test of the bond between two athletes. Having developed our range of pairs and doubles with some of the greatest to ever row, Sykes boats are built for speed but also to enable maximum co-ordination between rowers.

Built for efficiency down the course saving up for that sprint home, numerous Australian crews have used a Sykes boat to become World and Olympic champions.

Boat Type

  • Pair Only
  • Double Scull Only

Mould Options

    Standard Inclusions

    • 5 year construction warranty
    • 2 year warranty on fittings and accessories
    • Anodised alloy wing rigger
    • Anodised alloy slides
    • Bearing wheels
    • Sykes Rowing shoes
    • 2 x Sykes tie down straps

    Optional Extras

    • Quick release rigger
    • Electronics wiring
    • GPS (NK or Coxmate)
    • Boat name
    • Deluxe boat cover
    • Rigger cover
    • BatLogic plates

    Construction Options

    Construction Benefits
    Honeycomb Carbon Sandwich Laminate Maximum Performance
    Honeycomb Kevlar Sandwich Laminate Performance with Resilience

    Pairs & Doubles Flyer

    Boat Ranges

    Sykes offers a number of hull choices depending on the weight and style of the crew. Over the years, these boats have been developed and tested with some of Australia’s best rowers. To understand which boat will suit your needs start with table below. Of course for more information, please call or email us.

    Rower Weight (kg) vs Mould
    Mould Length (m) 55 60 65 70 75 80 85 90 95 100+
    229 9.87 Yes Yes Yes No No No No No No No
    214 9.32 No No Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No No
    223 9.92 No No No No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

    Sykes has a strong history in pair and doubles racing at World Championships. We are confident this will continues with our latest addition to the Sykes fleet: Mould 214.

    M214 is a pair/double designed for heavyweight women and lightweight men and is at the forefront of hull design for its weight category. Through our testing, modeling and on-water results, we have measured a significant advancement on existing designs on the market, and most noticeable, the improved stability achieved alongside a more efficient hull shape.

    Pairs & Doubles Flyer


    Rigger Options

    • Wing Bolt on (Standard)
    • Rowfit Quick Release fitting

    Custom Boat Name / Pin Stripes

    • Custom Boat Name – Font available in Printed or Script
      • Font size options: 30mm (recommended for singles); 40mm (recommended for Pairs & Larger Boats)
    • Pin Stripes (6 or 12mm)
      • Top Colour
      • Middle Colour
      • Bottom Colour

    Shoe Options

    • Sykes Shoes (standard set-up)
    • Active Tools (adjustable length rowing shoes)

    Pairs & Doubles Flyer


    Within our pairs and doubles range we have hulls of various composites which all have their advantages. Some indicative pricing for popular boat setups with each construction are shown below.

    X indicates standard set-up COMPOSITES
    Carbon Honeycomb Kevlar Honeycomb
    RIGGERS Aluminium Stern Mount X X
    Carbon Bow Mount X X
    SEATS Carbon X X
    Seat Pad
    X X
    FOOT STRETCHERS Carbon Hybrid X X
    Full Carbon
    X X
    SHOES Sykes X X
    Coxless Pair Standard Set Up From $17,580 +GST $18,080 +GST
    Double Scull Standard Set Up From $18,080 +GST $18,580 +GST

    Please note: Prices are in Australian dollars. Variation of the parts can alter the price and weight of the final boat.

    Pairs & Doubles Flyer

    Mould 229

    The M229 double is an uncompromising hull for light crews and is a tribute to minimum drag. It has Jeff...

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    Mould 214

    Mould 214 is designed around a 70kg crew weight range, specifically for heavyweight women and lightweight men. Through our testing,...

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    Mould 223

    Mould 223 is the heavyweight version of the M213, designed with a semi circular and narrow hull. Most notably, this...

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