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About us

2016 marked 50 years of manufacturing excellence for Sykes. It was in 1966 when Jeff Sykes first designed a racing scull that would assist him in his desire to win an Australian Sculling Championship. That first boat was the beginning for what became Jeff Sykes & Associates Pty Ltd, now known as ‘Sykes’. 

Sykes are committed to a path of innovation for the future and have invested heavily in new machinery and new engineering staff for our R & D team. In 2014, Sykes set up a new Multiax five-axis CNC machine. This machine is used to cut plugs to make moulds for our new boat designs with considerable accuracy. 

Innovation and performance are important to Sykes. We are producing brand new designs, new testing and construction methods and have a desire to provide equipment that is superior to anything else on the market. We are committed to making sure our designs are fast, comfortable, affordable and will stand up to the testing Australian conditions.

Sykes has a proud history of manufacturing and a proud place in the Australian rowing community. Since our first rowing gold medal in the 1974 World Championships, Sykes boats and designs have been the choice of many of today’s Australian Rowing Teams. 

Who we are

Sykes are an Australian manufacturer of rowing shells. It was in 1966 that Jeff Sykes built his first racing scull that would assist him winning the Australian Interstate Sculling Championships – the Presidents Cup. That first boat was the beginning for what became Jeff Sykes & Associates Pty Ltd, now...

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Why Choose Sykes?

We understand purchasing a new boat can be a confusing and, at times, overwhelming process. At Sykes, we believe purchasing a new boat should be an exciting and enjoyable time. We’re here to help and answer any questions you have, and also provide you with advice and recommendations along the...

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Since Jeff Sykes first made his own scull during his National Championship campaign of 1966, we have been pushing boundaries in pursuit of victory. From the original team we have now transformed into a company that includes passionate experts in many fields. A handful of the people you will find...

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Our History

1966 saw Jeff Sykes design his first racing scull that would assist his desire to win the Australian Sculling Championships. Today, almost 50 years on, Jeff’s passion and desire to be the best still lives on. Since our first rowing gold medal in the 1974 World Championships, our boats and...

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Considering a career with Sykes? Sykes team members are an integral part of our current and future successes. Through our knowledge, technical skills, professionalism and passion, our customers receive the best products and service that is second to no other in the industry. We welcome applications from talented, passionate and...

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News & Media

Find the latest information on Sykes product developments, news and current projects. View Latest Videos, Event Results and Media Publications. Subscribe to Sykes News  

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