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Oar Length

We know from riding a bike that things go better if you are in the right gear. The same is true for rowing.

The length of the oar, along with other variables like spread (distance from the centerline of the boat to the oarlock), blade size, blade type, inboard (distance from the handle end to the collar), catch angle, and so on, determine the boat gearing, or “rigging.”

Concept2 oars can be ordered in adjustable or fixed lengths to help you achieve a comfortable, effective rig.

  • Concept2 adjustable length handles (recommended) enable you to adjust the length of your oars within a 5cm range. Adjustable length makes it easy to share oars between boats, adjust oar lengths for different wind conditions, and to test different riggings.
  • Fixed length oars should be ordered only if you are sure you will never want to change your sweep or scull length.

Oar Length Recommendations

Achieving a comfortable, effective rig is the key to keeping the load reasonable and getting the most out of your oars. In general, we recommend setting your sweeps or sculls shorter when rowing:

  • With more efficient blades, like the Fat2.
  • In a slower boat.
  • With a narrower spread.
  • With a longer reach/a greater catch angle.
  • When you need less handle overlap while sculling.

The following table outlines our typical oar length recommendations for sweep and scull. Custom lengths with 5cm ranges are also available.

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