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Shaft Stiffness

A blade and shaft work as a system to create a perception of oar stiffness or “flex”. There are three different shaft constructions to choose from, each with various stiffness options, to help you optimize the feel and efficiency of the blade that you’ve chosen.

Extra Soft (Skinny only)

A good choice for those who want the efficiency of the Fat2 blade but prefer a softer feel at the catch.


A good choice for smaller athletes, women, masters or anyone who prefers a softer feel; especially when assembled with the Fat2 blade.


A good choice for use with the Big Blade, Smoothie2 Plain Edge and Smoothie2 Vortex Edge.

  • Ultralight shafts with Medium flex have been our most popular shaft and will meet the needs of most rowers.
  • The Fat2 blade on a Medium flex shaft has been used successfully by crews that are accustomed to a pronounced, firm “lock-on” at the catch.
  • This is the stiffest option available for the Skinny construction

Stiff (Ultralight and Low i only)

Appropriate for those who have a preference for the stiffest shaft.

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