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Carbon Fibre Bow Mounted Rigger

Carbon Fibre Bow Mounted Rigger
Carbon Fibre Bow Mounted Rigger

Sykes has spent the last two years developing and refining a new Bow mounted Carbon Fibre rigger for our single scull range. We originally pioneered bow mounted carbon riggers back in 1991 in a collaborative project with the Australian 2X that subsequently won Olympic Gold in Barcelona  and more recently began this project with a starting target to be lighter and stiffer than the aluminium stern mounted rigger with backarms.

The shape and construction have been rigorously tested and the customised shape provides very high stiffness under rowing loads as well as reduced vertical movement of the pin. This all results in greater power transfer into the water.

Using substantial Finite element analysis and on-water analysis, we have been able to place carbon fibres in the right location and orientation to ensure highest efficiency and lowest weight. The new rigger will come in significantly lighter than the existing aluminium rigger (-600g+) as well as giving you a very direct feel when the catch is taking, propelling you to all new speeds.

Furthermore, we have developed a proprietary adjustment mechanism to very easily adjust pitch, span and lay of the pin. This will make rigging the boat a much simpler and faster process for those using our bow mounted rigger.

And our sculls M135, 137, 138 & 139 benefit as a result of new moulds designed and manufactured specifically to accommodate the bow mounted carbon fibre rigger. None are compromises simply to fit a different rigger to an existing boat.  

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