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Mould 135

Single Scull - Mould 135

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Mould 135 is the first Sykes dedicated lightweight women’s boat. With a length of 7.35m and narrow beam resulting in extremely low drag, this is one of only a few hulls available in the world designed specifically for lightweight women. Importantly, this combination was achieved while improving the stability from our previous singles sculls. Scullers trialling this boat for the first time typically remark on how stable and comfortable it is to row. This boat has been embraced by athletes ranging from U21 and senior elite lightweight women, right through to Masters categories. Whilst the boat is designed for lightweight women, it can be rowed at a slightly heavier weight into the mid-high 60kgs.

The Mould 135 superseded the Sykes Mould 126L, which was the previous cut down lightweight version of the Mould 26 Heavyweight Women’s/Lightweight Men’s boat. The plug for the Mould 135 was cut in the Sykes Australian factory on our own 5-axis CNC Machine. The Mould was also made in the Sykes factory. 


"I have really been enjoying rowing the 135. The stability of the boat in the water makes it easy to make changes and adjustment in the application of pressure without adversely impacting on boat speed. Rather, the boat responds immediately without losing any balance through rhythm change. This is the same experience I had in the 214 double Alice McNamara and I were rowing in. I think the stability is a crucial element because it means you're not wasting energy on finding balance. The boat also has really nice run through the water, and been good in all conditions thus far."
Steph Radford - Melbourne University Boat Club 


"When your husband asks you if you would like a cup of tea in bed and you say no, then you know you are in love - with your single scull Sykes rowing boat, although I do love my husband too! I hope the offer for a cup of tea continues, even if I prioritise an early morning row on the glassy lake water in front of our house. From the moment I took the first couple of strokes in my boat, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I had dreamed of this moment of slicing though the water perfectly balanced, synonymous with my boat. The years of bobbing in singles that were too big for me were finally over!

The rowing dream is different for everyone. For me it started after watching Meryl Streep in the opening scene of the movie ‘The River Wild’ when she rows at dawn up a river in a major American city as the sun comes up with nothing but a perfect wake following her. I wanted to capture that feeling of rhythm on the water. Being a lightweight masters rower was often a frustrating experience, with singles always being for heavier rowers. Like most, I started casually looking on websites for second hand sculls, as well as talking to others about their boats. In the end, I decided I could invest in a cheaper boat and run the risk of being unhappy with my choice, or take the plunge and buy a good quality Sykes, which is more likely to give me the longevity and performance I wanted in a scull. I was not disappointed.

Since Mould135 is a very light boat, with a good length, and well-positioned handle, I am able to lift, carry, turn my boat, and put it in and out of the water independently. It sits well in the water with excellent balance and is very responsive, picking up speed quickly and being easy to manoeuvre.

Of course we mustn’t forget customer service, as that can make or break a purchase. The customer service I got from James was great, answering all my questions and helping me to transport my boat all the way from Victoria to the great Far North Qld - no easy feat.

As the old saying goes - the experience will be remembered long after the cost is forgotten. My rowing dream has come true. Yours can too."
Debbie Michael, QLD


"I am an older, experienced, lightweight Masters rower who loves new innovation and technology. I purchased the Sykes M135 single scull 6 months ago, and am extremely happy with it. It is a beautiful looking boat, a little shorter than my old boat (10 years old) with quite a few changes to hull shape and design. 

The 135 sits well and moves through the water easily, feeling balanced bow to stern. I have raced in a variety of conditions this season, the worst being at Kawana waters at Australian Masters Championships Regatta where it was windy, choppy and wet. The boat was easy to handle in tough conditions. 

I'm definitely having a long-term relationship with this boat."
Lindy, Iron Cove, Sydney

Splashguard & Continuous Height Rigger Flange image

Splashguard & Continuous Height Rigger Flange

This mould has a continuous rigger flange height and a rounded and diminished splashguard. The higher saxboard along the cockpit adds to longitudinal stiffness in the hull so that the boat will sag less in the water when the rower sits in it, allowing for greater run. Due to the lower flange at the point of the hull, the feet of the rigger are longer so that the rigger is elevated to clear the toes of the shoes. These features also allow for the hull to be easily packaged and loaded onto the trailer.

Stern Deck Join With Bulkhead And Hull image

Stern Deck Join With Bulkhead And Hull

One of the most notable features of this mould is the clear finish of the carbon bulkhead and how that joins with both the stern deck and the hull itself. Both joins are strong and water-tightness can be easily assured. On the deck, the bulkhead piece overlaps with the deck in a nice clean line. With the hull, the stern bulkhead has a more robust join to keep the saxboards from splaying over time and to assure a water-tight join every time.

Pin Block Measuring Tapes image

Pin Block Measuring Tapes

All Sykes boats come with span/spread measuring tapes applied on the pin block below each oarlock pin.

Waterbottle Holder image

Waterbottle Holder

In the stern-end bulkhead under each seat deck a, is a standard bicycle-sized water bottle holder. Whilst fitted as a standard feature, they add approx. 110grm to the total weight of the hull.

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