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Mould 137

Sykes Single Scull - Mould 137
Sykes Single Scull - Mould 137

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Mould 137 is designed around a 72.5kg midpoint, specifically for Heavyweight Women and Lightweight Men.

This is a brand new hull shape designed by the Sykes R & D team lead by Dr Matt Dingle. This hull shape is the fastest and most efficient design Sykes have produced for this crew weight. Olympic Gold Medallist Kim Brennan and her coach Lyall McCarthy both contributed significantly in the development and testing of this boat in our factory and on the Barwon River.

The Sykes product development process is a highly structured and technically rigorous approach that begins with benchmarking other hulls on the market. We then systematically ensure that we achieve the highest performance possible in all aspects of our new design.  Design targets are established for speed, stability and stiffness/strength. Advanced mathematical modelling, including FEA, CFD and CAD, is used in all phases of the development process. The results are then validated through extensive physical testing both on the water and in our specialised testing equipment in house.  

Mould 137 Single Scull CAD Image

The key features of the M137 include:

  • fine entry angles at the bow resulting in minimal bow wave development
  • a hull shape which has achieved unprecedented levels of stability coupled with very low drag at all speeds
  • a new construction method/lay-up, which includes a combination of Carbon Fibre, Nomex honeycomb and Kevlar.
  • a new rigger foot for the aluminium rigger
  • new bow and stern deck joins.
  • Option of Bow or Stern mounted rigger.

The construction method used in Mould 137 has increased stiffness by 25% under rowing loads. Rowing loads are taken from actual rowing loads measured using the Peach system for a range of rowers in the weight class. These loads are applied at various stages in the stroke to ensure that the structures are optimised for catch, mid stroke and finish. This was tested and confirmed through extensive Finite Element Analysis modelling completed by our R and D team. It was again confirmed through hydro-static deflection testing on the water. This increase was achieved through the use of Kevlar and extensive uni-directional Carbon-fibre tapes to distribute rowing forces efficiently through the hull. For the M137 aluminium wing rigger, there is a new attachment foot which dramatically improves the transfer of rowing loads, and offers better protection from collision damage to the rigger itself.

Sykes will offer five different single scull options in 2017: Mould 135, Mould 136, Mould 137, Mould 138 and Mould 139 (formerly M137). The final digit in each mould number indicates the weight range intended for the boat ie. Mould 139 for a 90+kg athlete. In the case of Mould 136 and Mould 137, both are for a similar weight range, and it is recommended to speak with our sales staff when deciding which Sykes boat is best suited to your needs.

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