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Mould 139 (Formerly M137)

Mould 139 (Formerly M137)
Single Scull - Mould 139
Mould 139 (Formerly M137)
Single Scull - Mould 139
Single Scull - Mould 139

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The Mould 139 is Sykes designated Heavyweight Men’s Single Scull boat. It is designed to carry a 90-105kg crew and is 8.3m in length. The goal was to improve its carry for men over 90kg. Compared to the previous men’s boat, M30, M139 carries more volume in the centre, resulting in less drag. Importantly, it also features a less aggressive cross-section for additional roll-stability.

Mould 139 has been a successful boat for heavyweight men in Australia, winning a number of National Championships and National Selection Regattas. The boat has consistently performed in the 6:50’s for 2km racing, and a handful of performances in the 6:40’s including Karsten Fosterling’s 6:46 in the 2016 President’s Cup. 


"When one ponders rowing shell manufacturing in Australia, there is only one name to consider - Sykes. The Mould 139 Single Scull is representative of the crafts that will make Sykes a player on the international scene moving into the future. 

Although personally by no means am I a silk merchant on the water, a member of the guild if you will, I have managed to amass some kilometres in a variety of single sculls over the years.

The mould 139 is a craft of elite international standard. Being on the heavier end of the spectrum, finding a craft that can bear my weight comfortably is of paramount importance. The noticeable difference between the mould 139 and the previous Sykes model 130, is the ability for the stern to "stay up" and run between the strokes. The rigidity and buoyancy allows me to lay down the full extent of my power whilst maintaining complete confidence in the shell and its ability to absorb and propel what has been created to ensure maximum boat speed. 

The customer service that Sykes embodies is a trait that sets it apart from its competitors. I have established great relationships with a number of key employees at the company who are all too willing to help with my Sykes single. Further their ability to repair your equipment should something go array is unparalleled (I would know as I managed to wipe the bow section off my boat recently). 

This boat is a joy to row and would be suitable for anybody who has aspirations to race competitively or just grind out some miles on their local waterway." 

Nick Purnell, Sydney University Boat Club & Australian Rowing Team

Splashguard & Continuous Height Rigger Flange image

Splashguard & Continuous Height Rigger Flange

This mould has a continuous rigger flange height and a rounded and diminished splashguard. The higher saxboard along the cockpit adds to longitudinal stiffness in the hull so that the boat will sag less in the water when the rower sits in it, allowing for greater run. Due to the lower flange at the point of the hull, the feet of the rigger are longer so that the rigger is elevated to clear the toes of the shoes. These features also allow for the hull to be easily packaged and loaded onto the trailer.

Stern Deck Join With Bulkhead And Hull image

Stern Deck Join With Bulkhead And Hull

One of the most notable features of this mould is the clear finish of the carbon bulkhead and how that joins with both the stern deck and the hull itself. Both joins are strong and water-tightness can be easily assured. On the deck, the bulkhead piece overlaps with the deck in a nice clean line. With the hull, the stern bulkhead has a more robust join to keep the saxboards from splaying over time and to assure a water-tight join every time.

Dual Locking Backarm image

Dual Locking Backarm

The new sliding adjustable type back arms have a dual locking system. The 6mm bolt locks the backarm in place via an internal nut. The large ribbed plastic locknut is then tightened against the end of the back arm tube. This gives secondary support and ensures the force is well supported. The adjustment range is 70mm which easily allows for span changes on the rigger.

Pin Block Measuring Tapes image

Pin Block Measuring Tapes

All Sykes boats come with span/spread measuring tapes applied on the pin block below each oarlock pin.

NK Electronics Harness image

NK Electronics Harness

The footwell and seat decks of all Sykes single sculls are clear of any wiring. The stroke sensors are up under the seat deck with the magnet that trips the sensor placed on the slide clip of the seat ledge. The wire for the stroke sensor runs through the hollow carbon keel packer, well out of sight. The speed sensor is on the inside of the stern bulkhead, and the wire for it runs through a gasket high on the bulkhead, minimising the chances of water running through the hole.

Waterbottle Holder image

Waterbottle Holder

In the stern-end bulkhead under each seat deck a, is a standard bicycle-sized water bottle holder. Whilst fitted as a standard feature, they add approx. 110grm to the total weight of the hull.

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