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Mould 857

Sykes Eight Boat Mould 857

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Mould 857 is the first Eight development in our new series and has now been released to the market. You will find a detailed technological process behind every element of this boat.

Mould 857 has a new faster and more stable design, a stiffer and lighter construction, new moulded monodecks, a stronger section join with 13mm (M8) bolts and new rigger mounting feet.

Mould 857 is designed for a 70kg crew midpoint. This boat is targeted for all boat classes that fall into this weight range which includes Senior Schoolgirls, Year 10 Schoolboys, Elite Lightweight Men and Elite Heavyweight Women. As is with every Sykes boat, each boat is customised to the specifications required by the individual customer.

Mould 857  

Mould 857 CAD

The design targets behind all of our new boats are speed, stability and stiffness/strength. We are better resourced as a company to achieve these targets and overtake other market leading designs. The Sykes R and D team, led by Dr Matt Dingle, use a number of advanced programs and processes. Some of these include FEA (Finite Element Analysis), CAD (Computer Aided Design), CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics), advanced mathematical modelling and hydrostatic deflection testing. Our 5-axis Multiax CNC machine is used to manufacture plugs for all our new hulls and many of our new parts. On water testing with varying crews is used to confirm and refine our design and engineering.

At Sykes, we understand the Australian conditions that you train and compete in. That is why the Mould 857 will continue with many features that have proven successful – high UV protection in our gel coat, thicker Nomex honeycomb saxboard width, titanium pins, HDPE backarm heads, stainless steel flange inserts, NSK bearings in our bearing wheels and drink bottle holders in every seat including the coxswain’s.

Sykes already has two current eight designs for this weight range. They are Mould 827 ‘Xouris’ (formerly Mould 27G) and Mould 847 ‘Xouris’ (formerly Mould 40G). Due to the continued success of Mould 847 (M40G) at a National level, Sykes will continue to offer this design. Mould 847 was released in 2008 and has proved very successful on the national stage for Schoolgirl First Eights and Year 10 Schoolboy Eights. For this reason, we will continue to offer this shape, but the new Mould 857 will supersede the Mould 827 (M27G).

Sykes will also be releasing an 85kg eight (Mould 858) in 2017. Stay tuned for further announcements on this boat.

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